Strategic goals for 2016/17

The Vancouver DPAC, after input from local PACs and some work by the DPAC executives last weekend, has created draft strategic goals for the 2016/17 school year. We welcome feedback, either from the PACs through the still open survey sent to PAC chairs, via email from parents to, or please come to our next DPAC meeting next Thursday evening (Dec 8) at 7pm.



  1. Improve bi-directional communication between Vancouver parents and VSB through Vancouver DPAC, resulting in higher parent engagement and stronger education community.
    1. Facilitate awareness of curriculum and report card changes that impact students in the classroom.
    2. Request or organize VSB public meetings on schools closures, budget, or other major concerns.
    3. Initiate newsletter or other regular communication via blog, email, and/or social media.
  2. Advocate for resolution of systemic education impediments, including:
    1. Student safety, including seismic and building remediation.
    2. Sustainable, predictable funding enabling long-term education planning.
  3. Improve administrative governance and procedures of Vancouver DPAC.
    1. Revise and modernize DPAC By-Laws.
    2. Improve quality of DPAC meetings, leading to greater cohesion within the group.
    3. Increase relevance of DPAC to Vancouver PACs.