DPAC Statement

Statement from Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council

The DPAC executive accepts the resignation of Melanie Antweiler as DPAC chair and member of the executive. We wish to thank her for her time and contributions as a member of the Vancouver DPAC executive and DPAC Chair; we also would like to acknowledge her contributions as an advocate for public education.

It is unfortunate that Melanie chose to resign under a cloud of unresolved issues, and her letter of resignation was publicly posted and distributed widely by email. We as members of Vancouver DPAC executive will continue working with and through VSB officials to resolve the issues at hand.

As many of you are aware, Vancouver DPAC Executive works to support adequately funded public education for children and youth in our district. The Vancouver DPAC Executive, like other volunteer parent leaders, has the best interests of children and youth in the Vancouver public education system at heart. 

We remain confident that our DPAC Executive Council will work together to continue Vancouver DPAC's mission to represent Vancouver parents in our district. We thank you for all your support in the past and we look forward to working with you in the future.

 Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council