DPAC statement on MoE decision to audit Vancouver Board of Education Accounts

The District Parent Advisory Council of the Vancouver Board of Education (DPAC) is the elected representative of parents at the Vancouver Board of Education.

DPAC supports democratic governance of the school system and we reiterate our earlier call to all stakeholders for sufficient funding to ensure sustainable high-quality public education in a safe environment.

DPAC welcomes the forensic audits of VBE ordered by the BC Minister of Education if the audits will be used to finally put to rest accusations about priorities at VSB and about its governance.

DPAC looks forward to keeping all stakeholders accountable for all conclusions that come from the audit and we look to the auditors to ensure that their task remains free of political interference.

DPAC will continue to keep all stakeholders and vendors accountable for the quality of provided services in order to assure that the best possible education is delivered to our 49,000 children enrolled in Vancouver schools.

Vancouver DPAC


Press Contact:

Morgane Oger, Chair of DPAC 2016/2017 school year

Twitter: @rohemoog


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