May 2018 Update

May 2018

DPAC has two meetings this month. Our Executive Meeting on May 10th will be hosted by Xpey' Elementary PAC at the Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (1607 E Hastings). Our General Meeting will be on May 24th with a focus on potential catchment boundary changes and the proposed BC Hydro substation under Lord Roberts Annex site in the West End. Both of these items will be decided at the June 25 Board Meeting.

Note: all DPAC meetings are open to parents and guardians of VSB students. While only DPAC executives can vote at Executive meetings, and only official DPAC representatives (PACs to self-determine) can vote at General meetings, all parents and guardians of VSB students can participate.

Important Dates


Mental Health

  • Jared Hazzard, FamilySmart® Parent-in-Residence for Vancouver, presented at our April 26 Executive Meeting. FamilySmart® PiRs are parents with lived experience caring for children with mental health and/or substance use challenges. Jared is available to connect with other parents in the district as a resource and support, to host a resource table at local events, and to speak publicly about his experiences as a parent. He will also be hosting a monthly “In the Know” community group for parents. Parents or PAC representatives can connect directly with him at
  • Resources for the May 7th Child and Youth Mental Health Day can be ordered or downloaded directly from

Input for DPAC

  • DPAC By-laws. Think there is room for improvement in DPAC's by-laws? We do! We updated some of them last year, but are looking for suggestions on areas to change/update this year in time to present them at our AGM on June 21st. Current by-laws here. Send input to Shaun Kalley ( Will be discussed during the May 10 Executive Meeting.
  • 2018/19 General Meeting topics. Tell us what you want to learn about.
  • DPAC 2018/19. Succession. Our AGM is on June 21. Do you know someone, or are someone, who would make a great DPAC executive or DPAC table officer next year? Time to start thinking about it and getting your PAC to sign off the nomination form.

Expand/Embrace Your Indigenous Knowledges

  • Search your location to find out whose traditional lands you are on.
  • If you have a teen interested in journalism, send them to Indigenous Junior J School on Thursday, May 17. Indigenous J School is the brainchild of Steve Sxwithul'twx who offers workshops to engage teens in a participatory way by getting them to try out a broadcast camera and use professional recording devices. Students will also hear from several Indigenous CBC employees about their reasons for choosing this career. Post-secondary schools will be on hand to talk about the programs they offer. This workshop is put on by CBC Vancouver in partnership with Musqueam First Nation and the Indigenous Education Department of VSB.
  • Visit the new UBC Indian Residential School History & Dialogue Centre which opened last month


Budget 2018/19

  • Preliminary Draft Operating Fund Budget for 2018/19 was presented on April 18. Report
  • Give feedback:
  • View the PowerPoint for more information on the report. 
    • budget changes for non-enrolling teaching staff (page 15);
    • budget additions for non-enrolling teacher staffing (page 16),
    • preliminary budget additions (page 23),
    • preliminary budget reductions (page 24),
    • proposals for consideration (page 25), and  
    • potential savings (page 26),
  • A revised budget will be presented and discussed on Wednesday, May 2 in Plenary Committee III / V Meeting at 7pm. While only stakeholder representatives can participate, the public is welcome to attend.
  • In the new timeline, the trustees will be voting on the budget at the June 25 board meeting.

Catchment Boundary Review

  • Proposed changes (will be provided at the open houses) would come into effect in September 2019.
  • Students currently enrolled at any of the impacted schools are not affected.
  • Attend an information open house to learn more about the proposed changes:
    • Thursday, May 10, 4-6:30pm  – Sir Charles Tupper (419 E 24th Ave in the Library)
    • Tuesday May 15, 4-6:30pm  – Kitsilano (2706 Trafalgar in the Entrance Lobby)
    • Tuesday May 22, 4-6:30pm  – King George (1755 Barclay above Joe Fortes Library)
    • Thursday, May 24. 7pm  – DPAC General Meeting discussion

BC Hydro West End Substation Proposal

  • VSB April 12 media release
  • Participate online at (available May 1 to 31)
  • Attend an open house or small group discussion:
    • Tuesday, May 1, 5-8pm  – Open house at Century Plaza Hotel, 1050 Burrard Street, Vancouver
    • Thursday, May 3,  6-8pm  – Small Group Discussion at Lord Roberts Annex, 1150 Nelson Street(space is limited. Email or call 604-341-1304 to sign up)
    • Monday, May 7, 6-8pm  – Small Group Discussion at Century Plaza Hotel, 1050 Burrard Street (space is limited. Email or call 604-341-1304 to sign up)
    • Thursday, May 10, 6-8pm  – Small Group Discussion at Century Plaza Hotel, 1050 Burrard Street (space is limited. Email or call 604-341-1304 to sign up)
    • Tuesday, May 15, 6-8pm  – Small Group Discussion at Century Plaza Hotel, 1050 Burrard Street (space is limited. Email or call 604-341-1304 to sign up)
    • Thursday, May 17, 5-8pm  – Open house at Century Plaza Hotel, 1050 Burrard Street, Vancouver
    • Thursday, May 24, 7pm  – DPAC General Meeting discussion

Capital Plan 

  • VSB's 2017 Capital Plan submission (pages 44 & 45)
  • The Ministry's response to VSB's June 2017 Capital Plan submission was discussed at the April Committee II meeting. Since then we have received clarification that funding for creating a school at the Coal Harbour site would have to come from an agreement with BC Hydro and not the provincial government. The board has not made any agreements with BC Hydro to date. The decision will not be made until the June 25 board meeting.

Staffing & Classrooms


Conference May 4 & AGM May 5-6 (Reminder)

  • Registration open now for BCCPAC members (Early bird deal until April 9; non-members can register as of April 10) 
  • Conference theme is Human Rights with keynote address by Ivan Coyote and feature speaker, Rick Hansen.
  • Resolutions and nominations
  • If your PAC is a current member of BCCPAC (see below) and is unable to send a representative, DPAC can bring your proxy votes (authorized proxy vote rules & form)
  • Vancouver PACs with current BCCPAC membership
    • Charles Dickens Elementary 
    • David Thompson Secondary 
    • Edith Cavell Elementary 
    • Elsie Roy Elementary 
    • Henry Hudson Elementary 
    • Laura Secord Elementary 
    • Lord Beaconsfield Elementary
    • Lord Byng Secondary
    • Lord Tennyson Elementary 
    • Magee Secondary
    • Maple Grove Elementary 
    • Point Grey Secondary 
    • Prince of Wales Secondary 
    • Queen Alexandra Elementary 
    • Queen Elizabeth Annex 
    • Queen Elizabeth Elementary 
    • Queen Mary Elementary 
    • Shaughnessy Elementary 
    • Simon Fraser Elementary 
    • Sir Charles Tupper Secondary 
    • Sir John Franklin Elementary 
    • Trafalgar Elementary 
    • Tyee Elementary 
    • University Hill Elementary 
    • Vancouver Technical Secondary

SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) 123

  • BCCPAC and the BC Ministry of Education created some resources to answer parent questions about what SOGI-inclusive education looks like in BC schools: presentation and facilitator's guide.

Ministry of Education

Area Standards & Capital

  • At the BCSTA (British Columbia School Trustees Association) AGM, Rob Fleming, Minister of Education acknowledged that construction costs have increased so area rates for school construction will be increased. In addition school area standards – how much space & what it’s used for – will be updated. (via Tweet from VSB chair Janet Fraser).