2018 AGM Results

New Executive Members

Congratulations to the following PAC nominees who are now members of DPAC's Executive:

  • Sandra Bell, nominated by Queen Alexandra Elementary
  • Michele Buckman, nominated by Xpey' Elementary
  • Derek Palaschuk, nominated by Southlands Elementary*
  • Chris Zhang, nominated by Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary*

2018/19 Officers

  • Shaun Kalley, Chair
  • Michele Buckman, Vice-Chair
  • Amanda Hillis, Secretary
  • Derek Palaschuk, Treasurer*

* Update, June 22, 2018:  Since our AGM on Monday, we have been contacted by the PAC chairs from both Laurier and Southlands who informed us that the nominations for Chris Zhang and Derek Palaschuk, respectively, do not meet DPAC's eligibility criteria for election to the DPAC executive.  As a result, we have invalidated their nominations and nullified their elections to the DPAC executive.  Both Chris and Derek have been informed of this decision and have been invited to seek nominations again in September if they still wish to join the DPAC executive.  Since Derek was also elected Treasurer at our AGM, Shaun and Amanda will share the responsibilities until a new Treasurer can be elected.

2018/19 Calendar

  • September 13 - Executive Meeting
  • September 27 - General Meeting (PAC 101)
  • October 11 - Executive Meeting    
  • October 25 - General Meeting        
  • November 1 - Executive Meeting (moved ahead a week to respect National Aboriginal Veterans Day)
  • November 22 - General Meeting        
  • December 13 - Executive Meeting
  • January 10 - Executive Meeting
  • January 24 - General Meeting
  • February 7 - Executive Meeting (moved ahead a week to respect Valentines Day)
  • February 28 - General Meeting        
  • March 14 - Executive Meeting
  • April 11 - Executive Meeting
  • April 25 - General Meeting (VSB Budget 2019/20)
  • May 9 - Executive Meeting
  • May 23 - General Meeting
  • June 13 - Executive Meeting    
  • June 20 - General Meeting (AGM) (moved ahead a week to stay within school year)

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will take place at the Vancouver School Board at 1580 West Broadway. Executive Meetings are in Room 120 and General Meetings are in Room 180. DPAC meetings are open to all parents and guardians of VSB students.

Additional events already scheduled


DPAC's 2018/19 Budget was amended and approved. Will be posted to website by the end of the month.

The Treasurer went over DPAC spending over 2017/18. Mostly due to the fact that the budget allowed for a contracted support person and this position has not been filled since November, there was a large surplus. After discussion with the PAC representatives, it was decided to evenly divide the surplus funds from DPAC's 2017/18 VSB budget between the Tier 1-3 schools. These are schools determined by VSB to qualify for Enhanced Learning Services because they support a high number of vulnerable students and families.


The proposed changes include:

  • Streamlining of language:
    • More definitions
    • Consistent use of references
  • Change to dissolution requirements:
    • Previous language is perceived as contrary to the School Act
  • Creation of the Indigenous Parent Representation position:
    • Retaining current maximum size of the DPAC executive
    • Primary responsibilities:
    • Support and enhance engagement between DPAC and Indigenous parents
    • Represent DPAC on VSB committee that are focused on Indigenous education
  • Better enumeration of roles and responsibilities
    • Overhaul of the section on Perception of Bias
  • Cleanup of the Code of Conduct
  • Cleanup of the requirements to amend the bylaws:
    • Make it explicit that bylaw amendments are not in effect until they are ratified
    • Add a sunset clause requiring there to be no more than 2 months between approval and ratification

The proposed revisions will be made accessible to the PACs by the end of June to receive feedback and suggestions before the September 13 Executive meeting.

Thank you and Call out for Volunteers

DPAC is very appreciative of the parents and guardians who step up to volunteer on VSB advisory and ad hoc committees, DPAC committees, and volunteer their skills to help DPAC run smoothly.