DPAC Executive Nomination: Amanda Hillis

Amanda Hillis has been nominated to the DPAC Executive by the Van Tech PAC. Her nomination will be voted on at our AGM on June 20, 2019. In her own words:

My name is Amanda Hillis. I have two sons who are going into grades 9 and 11, both at Van Tech. I have been a DPAC executive for the past three and a half years, the last two as Secretary. I would like to continue being a part of DPAC and am ready to be considered for the position of Vice-Chair.

I am a strong advocate for equitable, high quality public education in safe, educationally appropriate schools. After 4 years of attending most DPAC and VSB Standing Committees plus other opportunities, I have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the current issues in VSB and provincially with regards to public education.

I realize most parents don't have the opportunity to attend as many meetings as I do but still want to be informed and able to engage in decisions that are important to them and their children. When I became DPAC Secretary I initiated a monthly DPAC newsletter. I have also organized DPAC's trustee candidate forums for the past two years (hopefully there won't be a need to organize another one soon). This year I arranged several general meetings and special meetings. DPAC officers, including myself, started meeting with VSB to create a consultation procedure which I hope to see this completed next year.

To be able to help individual parents navigate the public education system, I took on the task of reinstating the role of DPAC parent advocates. We have started training and hope to be ready to offer this service this coming school year. I would like to stay on DPAC to get this program established. I will continue to push for better Area Standards provincially and an equitable, student-focused Long Range Facility Plan in VSB.

Thank you for considering my nomination.