DPAC Executive Nomination: Peter Couch

Peter Couch has been nominated to the DPAC Executive by the Simon Fraser PAC. His nomination will be voted on at our AGM on June 20, 2019. In his own words:


I’m Peter Couch, I am currently in my second term as DPAC Representative at Simon Fraser Elementary.

I’m putting my name forward to continue as the DPAC Representative for Simon Fraser Elementary and seek another nomination also continuing as a member of the DPAC Executive.

I’ve enjoyed the district level meetings and the information I gather there and the sharing back to my PAC and parents at our school meetings.

Since joining the executive, I have had exposure to a broad slate of issues that has given me the opportunity to learn more about how our public education system works, VSB staff operations, the Trustees and issues around communication and transparency.

I still hold my firm belief that the DPAC is a stronger parent voice with a full roster of Executives that provides depth and credibility when the Executive team interacts with the Vancouver School Board and the Ministry of Education.

Future learning areas I’d like to focus my participation as a DPAC Executive are:

  • Seismic Mitigation

  • Long Range Facilities Planning

  • Finance

Personally, I have 3 kids. Currently, 2 are at Simon Fraser in grades 3 and 6 and 1 in grade 8 at Eric Hamber.

I work as Facility Operations Manager for a VFX Studio in Vancouver for the past 2 years and Facilities Manager for another studio (in Vancouver) for 5 years.

My role focus’ on space acquisition, project design and budgeting (CAPEX), construction and QC, procurement, and ongoing operations and audit (OPEX) across multiple studios nationally and internationally.

I’ve been involved at Simon Fraser at the support level for 7 years, volunteering wherever extra hands were needed for fundraising events, sporting events and school field trips as well as going to school level PAC meetings.

I volunteer coach elementary junior/senior volleyball and sit as a Founding Co-Chair of the newly formed Eric Hamber Music Society.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce and working toward an Operations Management certification offered through BCIT and developed in conjunction with the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) BC Chapter.

I feel I can contribute to the Executive team’s depth and credibility when looking for consultation transparency. My goal is to build on my current abilities to assist the team to bridge information access and enable communication with all district stakeholders on issues that are current or in the future.

Thanks for your consideration