DPAC Executive Nomination: Shaun Kalley

Shaun Kalley has been nominated to the DPAC Executive by the Charles Dickens PAC. His nomination will be voted on at our AGM on June 20, 2019. In his own words:

My name is Shaun Kalley and I have one daughter who is graduating from Charles Dickens Elementary this month and starting at Tupper in September. I was on the Dickens PAC executive for 3 years and have been a member of the DPAC executive for the last 3 years and 8 months. I am seeking to return to the DPAC executive for one more year to help complete several pieces of work.

I originally joined DPAC to help restore a semblance of functionality after it hit a rough patch in 2015. I was fortunate enough to be joined by other parents with a similar goal and together we were able to change the way that DPAC works, for the better.

My primary focus on DPAC has been to improve governance and operations and to make the organization more accessible to PACs and parents. This has involved leading two bylaw revisions which have restructured DPAC’s meeting schedule and elections processes and, if approved at our AGM, will create a position to support Indigenous parents to help build engagement and trust.

It is my belief that an organization such as DPAC needs to orient itself towards providing value and accountability to both the PACs and parents of the Vancouver School District and to the Vancouver School Board and I believe that we are currently satisfying both. I will not say that things have been perfect, but I think the successes currently outnumber the failures.

If re-elected, my goals and priorities for this coming year are:

  • Working with the VSB to complete an Administrative Procedure for consultations;

  • Advocating to the Board to follow DPAC’s suggestions for next steps in the LRFP process;

  • Working with PACs to improve their governance and advocacy;

  • Advocating for culture change at the VSB;

  • Improving DPAC’s information management and social media engagement;

  • Organizing a one-time (maybe becoming an annual) forum for all PACs to come together to discuss key issues in the school district; and

  • Connecting with and sharing information with other DPACs.

Thank you for considering my nomination.