DPAC Executive Nomination: Skye Richards

Skye Richards has been nominated to the DPAC Executive by the Magee PAC. Her nomination will be voted on at our AGM on June 20, 2019. In her own words:

Hello, my name is Skye Richards. I have been on the Magee PAC for the last two years, where I served as DPAC Rep and Vice-Chair, and this year as Co-Chair. I have a son in grade 8. I made significant contribution in reestablishing our PAC executive during the past two years and last year also joined the DPAC Executive. I hold a BSc. and BEd. form UBC and have worked at VCC teaching Science and Math since 1996. I hold education and its impact on social development with deep regard. I am convinced that our future success as a society will depends critically on our broad support of education. During my practicums I worked with at risk students which offered me personal experience that enriched my understanding of the issues facing those youth. I have worked and received training in programs such as Basic Education and Skills Training, ABE Youth Program, Health Sciences for Aboriginal Youth, and Workplace Skills Profiling. My volunteer work with Beyond Addiction Vancouver gave me tremendous insight about nature of addictive behaviours and the importance of establishing healthy practices. In addition to working with a broader demographic of youth and educators, I have also been an advocate for First Nations and aboriginal communities and witnessed the importance of seeking genuine ways of enhancing a deeper connection between elders and children through traditional teaching methods. I see those connections in relation to the larger community and know the importance of growing genuine respect and understanding. This experience has benefitted my understanding and capacity as an educator, for which I am truly grateful. I seek to enhance the development of a more balanced and encompassing view of “What is Education?” within our government and society. I know the strength of multigenerational teachings practices and that they are key in reintegrating our relationship with the planet. I believe that we have a responsibility to create the changes that will forge pathways in human potential based on integrity that holds important a farther future vision. I recognize that we are facing a time of great change and challenge, and while change can be unsettling it also offers the greatest opportunity to grow meaningfully. I believe that we must rethink the design of our educational system, from the ground up, which of course includes the very building facilities in which we entrust our most precious assets, our children. I will be a positive force toward that end. I look forward to learning and continuing to serve you on the Vancouver DPAC Executive and hope that your PAC will support me as one of your advocates.