Parent information evening for redesigned curriculum

Each school Principal is being asked to bring a group of three parents to one of the evening sessions on May 16th or 17th so that they can learn more about the new BC curriculum as a team.  Unfortunately, because all of our schools will be attending over two nights, we don't have the space for more than 3 parents to attend from each school, but the idea is also that this same presentation will be used at parent meetings at each school for those parents who were not able to attend the district-sponsored evening.  

Please click here for a PDF of the event poster or see below: 

Vancouver DPAC Supports Engaged Learners, Inclusive Schools, Caring Communities and calls for a Reversal of the Deep Cuts to Public Education in this Recent Budget

It's no surprise or shock that it has been intense in the education sector with all the budget conversation taking place.  

We, at DPAC, have prepared a statement for the parents on the stand we take when it comes to the matter of public education. 

Please click here for the full statement. 

Vancouver DPAC Responds To $27.26M Shortfall in the VSB budget

Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)
Farah Shroff, Vice-Char |
| (604) 682-3269 ext 6169

Vancouver DPAC Responds To $27.26M Shortfall in the VSB budget


Vancouver, BCVancouver DPAC is perplexed and concerned about the $27.26M Shortfall in the VSB budget, which will be implemented in Sept. 2016.

Education and Student Services Committee and Finance & Legal Committee (Plenary Committee III/V) presented a Preliminary Operating Budget Proposals for 2016/2017 School year and it was no surprise that the was a budget cut for public school funding for the City of Vancouver.  A budget shortfall proposing $27.26 million to be exact. 

While the consistent underfunding of public education may come at no surprise, it is contradictory to the forecasted surplus by the newly elected government and ought to have an allocation from the said surplus towards the future of our nation and our province.  The province has consistently underfunded public education, blaming the Vancouver School Board for managing funds poorly and this political ping pong between the VSB and the government of BC has one main loser— the students. The Vancouver DPAC is speaking up and against the extremely serious impact of proposed cuts on children and youth, particularly those most vulnerable. 

Budget shortfalls come with cut and some of the cuts proposed are: 

  • Important programs and personnel which support Indigenous students, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, students with disabilities, new immigrants;
  • Music programs;
  • Distance learning;
  • Substance Use Prevention Initiative (SACY);
  • Social Service Workers (SSW);
  • Fine and performing arts;
  • Home instruction;
  • Reduced field trips (as teachers and support staff replacements for staff accompanying students on field trips are also on the proposed chopping block; field trips assist students learning in many ways and this proposed cut will make a sharp impact on education)
  • Gifted learners, mini schools and other district programs may be closed as a result of proposed cuts to support staff and planning blocks;
  • Proposed cuts to adult education will deprive adult learners the vital opportunity to access public education.

Why are these things crucial to the public education system? Because these specialized programs are highly celebrated as they provide vulnerable students who may have been bullied elsewhere a safe learning space. Losing district programming of this nature is a serious loss to hundreds and hundreds of families in Vancouver. Demand for mini schools, for example, is extremely high. Most mini schools have at least twice the applicants that they can accept. If mini schools are closed, some families may migrate to the private system. Mini schools help to retain enrolment in the public system.

Robust, sustainable public education is one of the most vital mechanisms for our society to build a meritocracy. Educated citizens create more democratic institutions. Better education helps graduates to get better jobs and helps build a stronger economy. A strong public education system promotes better population health. In short, well funded public education which focuses on the intellectual, social and emotional development of children is the great equalizer. The Vancouver DPAC believes that our tax dollars ought to be spent on supporting strong public education and calls for a complete reversal of this $27.26 M cut to the students in the city. 

For more information or media enquiries contact: 

Farah Shroff, Vice-Chair, Vancouver DPAC | (604) 682-3269 ext 6169



New Chair Elected , Budget Published

The DPAC executive is pleased to announce that Mabel Sun, who was vice-chair during the 2014-2015 school year, was elected to the position of Chair of DPAC on June 26 2015.

The DPAC executive has approved the 2014-2015 budget and the preliminary 2015-2016 budget, which can be read and downloaded by clicking on this link

As a volunteer board advocating for the PACs of all schools in the Vancouver Board of Education, DPAC takes this opportunity to encourage PACs to nominate parents from their school to join the DPAC executive.  In order to assure that DPAC has the strongest possible voice when advocating for our children while rigorously governing itself, the DPAC executive board needs volunteers to participate in the process.

DPAC notes the anniversary of Vancouver Board of Education passing of SOGI policy updates on 16 June 2014

On June 16, 2014 the Vancouver Board of Education (VBE) approved the revised policy and regulations ACB & ACB-R-1 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

DPAC supported the policies at the public consultation stage and is pleased that students in VBE schools have access to restrooms and changing rooms that correspond to their gender identity and are able to focus on learning and development knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.

DPAC has received no complaints from any parent or PAC related to any problems issuing from the adoption and implementation of the revised policies

DPAC understands that the work of supporting the implementations is ongoing and that the district reports that it is currently working on providing at least one washroom as a universal washroom in each facility for any student who prefer increased privacy. We encourage the VBE to continue to support parents and students by proactively supporting families which experience discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation at VBE schools by continue to implement the policies via updated guidelines supported by training and education of all stakeholders.
DPAC encourages the British Columbia Ministry of Education to follow the lead of the Vancouver Board of Education and support all British Columbia students by implementing a similar policy.

Preliminary Treasurer's Report

In anticipation of the upcoming 2015 DPAC AGM on 18 June 2015, DPAC is pleased to release the preliminary treasurer's report a early to give as much time as possible for consideration.

If further detail is desired, please contact the DPAC executive and we will facilitate specific inquiries with the Board of Education (VSB) who are the keepers of all reimbursement requests. Our email addresses are on the dpac web page at

he DPAC AGM will be at 1580 W Broadway at 7PM.  We urge all participants to make themselves familiar with the DPAC bylaws, published on the Board of Education website. All parents are urged to participate.

DPAC Executive Nomination

During the May 14 DPAC exec meeting, DPAC has extended the nomination deadline for the DPAC executive this year in the hope of attracting more nominees and give potential participants more time to join. 

In recognition that not all PACS will meet by the end of the nomination date, we have also offered an alternative for nomination this year after checking the bylaws that this is not prohibited in the bylaws.

New deadline: 

New deadline for submission:June 10 2015 at 5:00 PM. 

The of list nominees will be sent by email to all the PAC chairs onFriday June 12.

PACs will have until June 17 at 5:00 PM to vote send in votes by email to the above email address.

The 2015 AGM will be on 18 June 2015 at the VSB administration building.

Please download the new form (notice we have allowed two ways to nominate a candidate this year).

Thank you to all parents considering actively participating in DPAC!
The form can be downloaded here

Letter from our Co-Chair

Dear Vancouver Parents

DPAC needs more parent volunteers.

Please distribute the DPAC nominations form far and wide and encourage your friends to join us in advocating for our children's education.


We encourage a large number of nominees for the DPAC elections. The form must arrive in Alex Dow's inbox by Sunday May 31 at 5pm. Alex's email is:

You can download the nomination form as a word documenthere.

Kind Regards

Farah Shroff
Co Acting Chair

DPAC Statement

Statement from Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council

The DPAC executive accepts the resignation of Melanie Antweiler as DPAC chair and member of the executive. We wish to thank her for her time and contributions as a member of the Vancouver DPAC executive and DPAC Chair; we also would like to acknowledge her contributions as an advocate for public education.

It is unfortunate that Melanie chose to resign under a cloud of unresolved issues, and her letter of resignation was publicly posted and distributed widely by email. We as members of Vancouver DPAC executive will continue working with and through VSB officials to resolve the issues at hand.

As many of you are aware, Vancouver DPAC Executive works to support adequately funded public education for children and youth in our district. The Vancouver DPAC Executive, like other volunteer parent leaders, has the best interests of children and youth in the Vancouver public education system at heart. 

We remain confident that our DPAC Executive Council will work together to continue Vancouver DPAC's mission to represent Vancouver parents in our district. We thank you for all your support in the past and we look forward to working with you in the future.

 Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council 

April 9, 2015 - Executive Meeting Cancelled

Revised Budget Consultation timeline

Families Against Cuts to Education Rally
April 12, noon

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, at noon, at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s north plaza, members of several parent-led groups in Vancouver, including Vancouver DPAC, are holding a rally called Families Against Cuts to Education (FACE). This will be a family-friendly non-partisan event where parents and other citizens can show their support for an adequately funded public education system. For further details, the Facebook event page is at, and more information is available at, and

For the following reasons, Vancouver DPAC is urging parents to speak up for public education:

 Prior to the February 17, 2015, announcement of the province’s budget, DPAC encouraged parents to write to the government requesting that it heed the Legislative Finance Committee’s unanimous recommendationsthat public education be adequately funded.


To the extreme disappointment of Vancouver parents and parents throughout the province, the 2015/16 Budget announced on February 17 does not raise public education funding to an adequate level; on the contrary, it provides far less than adequate funding, and requires further cuts by school boards who have already faced more than a decade of cuts.

A supposed increase in funding covers only the costs associated with the negotiated teachers’ settlement reached last September. It does not cover the 4% rise in MSP premiums, nor does it cover inflation and other fixed costs, let alone address funding shortfalls that boards were already facing. The failure to fund rising fixed costs means an effective cut to operational funding.

 School boards are required to cut another $29 million this year from their already-stressed budgets, and another $25 million next year. The provincial government has stated that these are $54 million in administrative cuts which they expect boards to make; several school boards as well as the BC School Trustees Association have written to the government expressing alarm and stating that there is no “low hanging fruit” left to be cut. These cuts will affect classrooms. 


he amount of capital funding allocated to public schools has been cut by over $40 million. This means that areas that desperately need new schools will have to wait even longer for them to be built.
Furthermore, the seismic upgrading of schools that was supposed to be completed by 2020 will not be completed until 2025 outside Vancouver and 2030 in Vancouver.


he cuts to public education come in the same budget that contains an $800 million surplus, a $200 million tax cut for wealthy British Columbians, and a $30 million increase in funding to independent schools. Given these circumstances, why are our children being forced to bear the brunt of austerity measures? Why delay ensuring the safety of the buildings in which our children spend six hours a day?

 For all these reasons, Vancouver DPAC urges parents to speak up against funding cuts. Invest in our children NOW; they are the future!

Find Parking Information for the VSB Education Centre here

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Press Release in Response to the Budget Announcement
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