DPAC Parent Advocates

Sometimes our children face difficult problems or situations at school that they lack the skills or ability to resolve. They could have a problem with a teacher, a conflict with another student or students, or be pushing up against a rule that seems unfair.

These problems can also be challenging for us to handle as parents. A parent might feel intimidated by school officials, or fear that speaking out will make things worse for their child. Frustration is common because, while it is hard to know how to support children in the face of these situations, we know it is important to do so.

You're not alone. We can help.

Vancouver School District Parents' Advisory Council (DPAC) is restarting a Parent Advocate Project to help ensure parents and students are supported and heard within the school system.

A DPAC Parent Advocate can provide assistance by guiding parents to the appropriate resources that will help them assess the situation; to plan to problem solve in a positive way; and to ensure children and youth are treated fairly, with dignity and respect, with space to express their views, and room to participate in the decision making that affects them.

The goal of Advocacy is to ensure the issue at hand is addressed, by helping parents and students to:

  • be heard;

  • receive fair treatment on the basis of law, policy, or procedure, and

  • understand the decision made.

Our volunteer DPAC Parent Advocates are available to assist you by:

  • explaining how the school system works; your educational rights and responsibilities; and any district policies or administrative procedures related to your issue;

  • pointing you to the person/department you should talk to;

  • going over what your options are and next steps if your issue isn’t resolved;

  • helping you effectively communicate; and

  • attending meetings with you as a support person.

Contact us

All correspondence is completely confidential. You can contact us at parentadvocate@vancouverdpac.org

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