2015 - 2016 Third Treasurers Report

Treasurer's Report: 
Only two charges appear on the budget for this year so far:
A paid invoice from last year for $609.60
Snacks, purchased internally through VSB Concessions for Sept. 24 meeting - $148.75

Other approved, but unpaid expenses from last year are now being processed:
Reimbursement of personal out of pocket (three months' worth) child care, travel, etc - $383.63 (DPAC executive)

Reimbursement of travel, (one meeting travel only),- $7.70 (DPAC executive)

Reimbursement of Child Care arranged for the last year's budget consultation - $43.75 (DPAC executive)

Mileage is reimburses at 0.55/ per kilometre.

Child minding rate appears to be $12 / hour to a maximum of four hours - VSB guidelines.