2015 - 2016 Sixth Treasurers Report

Treasures report:

There were a few revelations since the last meeting I wish to share. I deferred the treasures report last week in order to better understand the new information provided by the VSB. Everyone on the executive should have received the updated VSB DPAC report update last week.

I have studied the flow of how the VSB accounts for our expenses. These are my findings:

  1. Child care expenses are accounted for under contracted services. This is the same account that is set up for the staff employee. 
  2. The back log of expenses from last year ( pre June 30, 2015) that went unpaid will appear this years expenses. To date we have paid $1683.80 in deferred from last year and another $150 pending (conference fee receipt went missing will be reimbursed). There will be a notation in the final numbers for the AGM and next year's ( 2016-2017) budget will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Although we are not charged for the room accommodation for the meetings. The charges for concessions (Snacks), in my  are a bit generous. This should be taken under consideration by Finance Committee to consider.

Since our last meeting in October we have been quite busy. Five delegates went to the BCSTA ($50/each). One delegate went  to the Aboriginal Enhancement conference ($250). Governance training had additional expense apart from the registration noted in last report. Room and projector charge ($200), Breakfast and lunch ($300 approx.).

The BCCPAC membership was paid.

We are checking to see that we can assign the board governance charge to Gaming Grant. If so, the Chair can send them a cheque directly.

~ Treasurer, Vancouver  DPAC ~