2015 - 2016 Eighth Treasurer's Report

Treasure Report & Budget Update:

Mabel presented Alex Dow’s report of DPAC’s VSB funding expenditures for February 2016 and year-to-date. VSB supplied finance statement attached. Catering appears to be the only expense that is currently being processed.

We can accept February's expense form if, the February 25 meeting is the last business you are planning for the Calendar month.

Treasurer did not receive the monthly account statement from VSB Finance and will check into that and should have an updated one for next meeting.

Upcoming City Wide, April 7. Room 120, the Cafe, the board room and room 106A&B are booked for the event. The space has no charge to DPAC - see attached.

We need to make a guest estimate and allocate a budget for catering. Catering menu range from 45 per 85 per 10 served for food and coffee / tea / juices range $2 to 3 per person. If we are hoping to attract upwards of 100 guests $750 - 1000 would not be out of line for this event see price list attached. Promotion is handled through or website and EventBrite, both of which are free.

BCCPAC is coming up as well. We should decide how many delegates we want to send to the conference and AGM and so we can budget for that event.

Invoices still outstanding for other expenses until funding is reinstated.