2015 - 2016 Seventh Treasurers Report

Concessions were missed for the November 12, 2015, December 3, 2015 and January 10, 24, 2016 meetings.

Outside concessions bought in for the December 10, 2015 meeting were under $50 for the sandwiches and cookies and we scavenged a coffee service from an earlier meeting.
Awaiting the invoice for the Aboriginal

Enhancement conference attended from late November.

Future expenses:

Upcoming City Wide, February 25. 

  • Venue, Catering, Speakers, etc.

The BCCPAC conference and AGM is being held at the Coast Capri hotel in Kelowna, April 28 to May 1. Travel expenses and conference/AGM fees for DPAC might be covered by the gaming grant.
The conference costs is $200 (Friday, including an no-host reception Thursday night) and the AGM (Saturday and Sunday) is $75 per person. Lunch and snack breaks are covered for Friday and Saturday (AGM ends just before lunch Sunday).

Room rates for the Coast Capri:  

Provincial Government employee rate for the rooms is $99 - 119 ++  per night
The BCAA Rate is $130 to 148 ++ per night (includes breakfast).
Limited Airport shuttle service to hotel (transfers). BCCPAC room rate is $130, but I do notbelieve that breakfast is included.

Checking on travel options: Airfare is around $250 return per person ATI.                   Driving would be $450+ per vehicle - (unless at least three people were to volunteer two hours additional hours of travel time each way. And there is a possibility of an additional night of accommodation expense, driving could actually be cost prohibitive.

Example for one delegate: travel is $250 + Conference fees are $275 + accommodation $300 + meals $100, incidentals $75 = approximately $1000 a head before any discounting.

We have $5400 budgeted for this, so six or seven delegates from DPAC could be accommodated.

This would be a great experience for everyone to attend.

BCCPAC is offering to cover travel expenses for three delegates from our district. I understand DPAC helps to decide who gets to be sponsored. Ideally BCCPAC would have three people carpool at 50 cents a km ($430.00).

But, again this could incur three additional room night.

Finally, I communicated with VSB finance requesting the backlog of monthly statements for minutes and postings. Apparently the Budgets group is working on finalizing the VBE’s 2015/16 budget and the DPAC budget updates will be included in this process. We should get updates before the end of next week.