DPAC Representatives on VSB Standing Committees

Policy and Governance (previously Committee I - Management Co-ordinating)

  • Shaun Kalley

  • Alternates: Gord Lau, Karen Tsang

Facilities Planning (previously Committee II - Planning and Facilities)

  • Amanda Hillis

  • Alternates: Peter Couch, Sandra Bell

Student Learning and Well-Being (previously Committee III - Education and Student Services)

  • Gord Lau

  • Alternates: Karen Tsang, Sandra Bell

Personnel (previously Committee IV - Personnel and Staff Services)

  • Karen Tsang

  • Alternates: Paula Temrik, Gord Lau

Finance (previously Committee V - Finance & Legal)

  • Peter Couch

  • Alternates: Skye Richards, Amanda Hillis

DPAC Representatives on VSB Administrative Committees

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Mike Lang

Indigenous Education Advisory (previously Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Implementation and Monitoring) Committee

  • TBC

ICT Advisory Committee (Information and Communications Technology)

  • David Schaub

Diversity Committee

  • TBC

School Calendar Committee

  • TBC

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

  • TBC

Sustainability Advisory Committee

  • Mike Lang

DPAC Representatives on VSB Ad-hoc Working Groups

Administrative Procedures

  • Gord Lau

Representatives are to prepare for meetings by reading any materials provided and requesting input from the DPAC executive on agenda items when appropriate; attend and participate in meetings as a representative of all the parents in the Vancouver School District; and report out to DPAC afterwards in writing for the following DPAC Executive Meeting, ideally also attending the Executive meeting to answer questions.