DPAC Representatives on VSB Standing Committees

Committee I - Management Co-ordinating Committee

  • Shaun Kalley

  • Alternates: Michele Buckman

Committee II - Planning and Facilities Committee

  • Anne Montgomery

  • Alternates: Amanda Hillis

Committee III - Education and Student Services Committee

  • Amanda Hillis

  • Alternates:

Committee IV - Personnel and Staff Services Committee

  • Michele Buckman

  • Alternates: Amanda Hillis

Committee V - Finance & Legal Committee

  • May Ke

  • Alternates: Amanda Hillis

DPAC Representatives on VSB Advisory Committees

Active Transportation Advisory Committee
Mike Lang

Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Implementation and Monitoring Committee
Michele Buckman  vicechair@vancouverdpac.org

ICT Advisory Committee (Information and Communications Technology)
David Schaub

Diversity Committee

School Calendar Committee
Alex Dow

Special Education Advisory Committee
Sandra Bell sandrabell@vancouverdpac.org

Sustainability Advisory Committee

Representatives are to go to Advisory Committee meetings and report back to DPAC in writing or orally at the following DPAC Executive Meeting.