DPAC Executive Nominee Bios

The Vancouver DPAC is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been nominated by their PACs as Executive Members:

  • Stephen Filbey (Beaconsfield Elementary PAC) (bio)
  • Anne Montgomery (John Oliver Secondary PAC) (bio)
  • May Ke (General Wolfe)
  • Rob Peregoodoff (Norma Rose Point School PAC) (bio)
  • Crystal Smith (Aboriginal Focus School / Macdonald Elementary PAC) (bio)

Please join us at our AGM on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 7 p.m. in room 120 at the VSB (1580 West Broadway).

DPAC Bylaws 2017

Vancouver PACs, DPAC is proposing revisions to our bylaws at our upcoming AGM on June 22, 2017, as passed unanimously at our last DPAC meeting on June 25, 2017. An email has been sent to every PAC that we have contact information for, but below are two documents for review.

  1. Revised, proposed bylaws: 2017 DPAC proposed bylaws
  2. Intro presentation about revision: 2017 DPAC bylaws overview
  3. Current 2007 Bylaws.

All-candidates education forum April 25, 2017

Vancouver DPAC is proud to present an all-candidates educational forum on April 25, 2017 at 6:30 at the VSB. We have invited the three main political parties to present their party's education platform with a special focus on Vancouver. The event will be moderated by Tracy Sherlock, and sample questions (derived from a survey of Vancouver PACs) have been provided in advance. All parents and guardians of Vancouver students are most welcome, but please register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mla-candidate-education-forum-tickets-33368384737 in advance to we know the numbers of people attending.





DPAC Statement to Joint Plenary III-V Committee - April 10, 2017

Parents and guardians, this evening Vancouver DPAC presented some initial feedback regarding the proposed 2017/2018 VSB budget to the joint plenary III-V committee. The draft statement represents feedback received from parents and PACs so far, as well as from the Vancouver DPAC members.

The complete text is posted here (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56baeb4337013bc5ec5fd5d5/t/58ec55ed6a49630e8a518c5c/1491883502120/DPAC+Statement+to+Joint+Plenary+III-V+Committee+-+April+10%2C+2017.pdf).


-NW, -SK


DPAC letter regarding BC Hydro proposal

Vancouver DPAC has published a letter to VSB offering feedback on the recent BC Hydro proposal to build a substation under Lord Roberts Annex in return for funds to build two primary schools. The feedback is based on round tables and open houses DPAC members attended, feedback from directly from parents and PACs, a DPAC meeting devoted to the issue, and from a survey of all Vancouver PACs.

Many thanks to the parents who contributed to the process.



Tips for University Success

Please see below information shared with Vancouver DPAC about an upcoming event taking place at Killarney Secondary School. 


Learn about skills that lead to a successful and balanced academic life in post-secondary school. Renee McCallum and Poh Tan, experts from Simon Fraser University, will present tips to help you transition successfully to post-secondary studies. You will take away tips that lead to a successful and balanced academic life; Renee and Poh will speak about learning strategies, time management, reading and writing.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Everyone is welcome to our talk. High school and elementary students, parents, and educators are all welcome.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Parking is available in our inner courtyard staff parking lot accessed from 49th Avenue. There is also street parking available.

The 49th Avenue bus stops in front of our school.

What can I bring into the event?
Admission is by donation at the door.

For more information please email:  Lynn Leong at lleong@uniserve.com

Winter break 2017/2018 possible date change

The VSB is proposing a change of dates for winter break 2017, revised from the current schedule to Dec 25, 2016 – Jan 5, 2017, to better align with other neighbouring school districts. While this won't be finalized until the next board meeting on January 23, 2017, it is reasonable to assume that it will be approved.

If parents are making plans or reservations at this point for next winter, I urge all to postpone (if possible) making irrevocable arrangements until after the decision.


Malfeasance in our midst

This evening a fellow parent sent me pictures of some troubling graffiti at one of our secondary schools. The two defacements, the first one demeaning women (starting with the unfortunate phrase "Grab her by..."), and second one displaying hatred for trans or other gender expressions, were appalling to view. The simple explanation, that of some person or persons simply seeking attention, may be superficially true. But the symbolism, that of intolerance, meanness, and division at one of our local Vancouver schools, cannot be ignored. 

As Vancouver parents, we must denounce this regressive view. As citizens, we must stand strong for equality of all people, and must combat the negativity too often expressed by those afraid.  And as humans, we must strive to treat each other with compassion and dignity.


Strategic goals for 2016/17

The Vancouver DPAC, after input from local PACs and some work by the DPAC executives last weekend, has created draft strategic goals for the 2016/17 school year. We welcome feedback, either from the PACs through the still open survey sent to PAC chairs, via email from parents to vicechair@vancouverdpac.org, or please come to our next DPAC meeting next Thursday evening (Dec 8) at 7pm.



  1. Improve bi-directional communication between Vancouver parents and VSB through Vancouver DPAC, resulting in higher parent engagement and stronger education community.
    1. Facilitate awareness of curriculum and report card changes that impact students in the classroom.
    2. Request or organize VSB public meetings on schools closures, budget, or other major concerns.
    3. Initiate newsletter or other regular communication via blog, email, and/or social media.
  2. Advocate for resolution of systemic education impediments, including:
    1. Student safety, including seismic and building remediation.
    2. Sustainable, predictable funding enabling long-term education planning.
  3. Improve administrative governance and procedures of Vancouver DPAC.
    1. Revise and modernize DPAC By-Laws.
    2. Improve quality of DPAC meetings, leading to greater cohesion within the group.
    3. Increase relevance of DPAC to Vancouver PACs.


New resources page for PACs

DPAC is pleased to announce that we have a new resources page for PACs, currently containing the presentation materials from our last city-wide event on October 13, 2016. The three topics are:

  • Affecting the Policy Change You Desire, presented by Morgane Oger
  • Organizing at the Grassroots Level, presented by Erin Arnold
  • PAC 101 / Treasury 101, presented by Nathan Wilkes + Sandra McPeake

We look forward to posting more as the year unfolds!


2016/17 Strategic goals for DPAC

On Saturday, November 26, 2016, the DPAC executive spent the afternoon discussing possible strategic goals for the 2016/17 school year. It was the first event that I, Nathan, coordinated in my new role as acting chair, and I thank all of my colleagues for their hard work, honesty, and tremendous commitment to education. We have made a good start on our strategic goals, and I look forward to further discussion at our next DPAC meeting on December 8, 2016, at 7pm.

As part of our preparation, we sent a survey to all Vancouver PACs last week for their input. I thank all of those who responded, and to those who have not yet done so, we still welcome and cherish input and feedback. If any PAC did not receive an email invitation to the survey, please contact me directly at vicechair@vancouverdpac.org.

Finally, I welcome the opportunity to address any PAC in the city on the topic of your choice.

Nathan Wilkes, acting chair


Morgane Oger Leave of Absence Notice

DPAC Chair Morgane Oger submitted her leave of absence notice to us a few days ago.  Here's her letter to you, the parents.

Dear Vancouver parents,

I am writing you today to share with you that I will be taking a leave of absence from the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Counci executiv (DPAC) effective Tuesday 15 November in order to seek public office in the 2017 provincial election.

I am taking this leave because I am now the only candidate for nomination by the BC NDP to run as the candidate for Vancouver - False Creek in the upcoming 2017 provincial election. Nathan Wilkes, the DPAC vice-chair and now acting chair, will fulfill my duties during by absence as DPAC chair.

The DPAC constitution requires that any member of our executive who is nominated as a candidate for public office must take a leave of absence until the election and must resign if elected. I feel that this is the appropriate time to step aside.

I will be continuing my work advocating for sustained excellence in public education and will remain active in DPAC as an engaged parent. If elected, I look forward to working with parents, labour, and elected officials to ensure our children receive the best education possible and that the province adequately fund the operating and capital costs of education in an effective and equitable learning environment.

I had previously notified the elected trustees, and my DPAC colleagues about this eventuality in order to assure a smooth transition and DPAC is in good hands as I withdraw. The official trustee was notified a few days ago. I have pledged to remain at the disposal of the DPAC executive at their discretion and advise them as needed. I look forward to seeing DPAC continue to lead in advocating for the appropriate funding for the equitable delivery of education to the 50,000 students enrolled in Vancouver Schools.

As the only legally mandated and elected voice representing parents in Vancouver after the recent appointment of the Official Trustee, DPAC has an especially important role to play this year in order to ensure that Vancouver’s children get the education we rely on Government to provide for them, both as taxpayers who fund education and as parents whose children consume it. The Vancouver Board of Education is required to consult with DPAC. When I was nominated to the DPAC executive in 2014 by False Creek Elementary, this executive was paralyzed due to a deep crisis within the team. After two rounds of mediation failed the chair resigned, publishing deeply-damaging public accusations that took more than a year of sustained effort to finally put to rest as baseless.

Today this executive is functional, effective, and credible. Our reputation as speaking for parents with fact-based arguments is formidable and we have accomplished important things together with parents and public education advocacy groups throughout BC. We have held city-wide parent training events, all-candidate meetings, spoken for parents on all VSB committees, and testified to the BC Government about public education funding.

It has been a privilege to be able to work with everyone I have had the chance to meet and I am very proud of the work of our executive during my time at DPAC. In spite of the deeply stressful situation involving the school closures, the process brought parents and stakeholders together and we made ourselves heard. Elected decision makers listened to us and acted appropriately.

Working together, we successfully halted unfair cuts and damaging school closures affecting over 3,000 children.

We advocated for the need to preserve and support the Aboriginal Focus School when it faced possible closure. We assisted a number of PACs deal with internal issues. We helped lay the groundwork for equal protection of all kids in BC schools. We protected vulnerable students in a number of schools. We successfully advocated for the saving of key programs. We organized parents and helped dozens learn effective public-policy advocacy and organizing. We trained a cohort of PAC leaders.

We don't yet have the level of funding we seek for our children’s education, but Vancouver parents are well positioned to help make that come to bear.

In closing, please do not hesitate to bring up issues to your DPAC representative or to the DPAC acting chair. DPAC is here to support, serve, and advocate FOR parents. You are never alone.

Wishing you the very best,

Morgane Oger
Chair, Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council

Find m: http://morganeoger.ca | http://fb.me/morgane.oger.bc | http://twitter.com/rohemoog | morgane@morganeoger.ca